Kate Beale

Chelmsford Manager

Kate BealeKate has been a Queen Bee at Biz’ee Women for over a year and took the role of the Chelmsford Manager at Biz’ee Women since February 2018.

I have been attending Biz’ee Women for over a year now and I can honestly say that the support network it provides is second to none.  Although you are there promoting your business it feels as though you are amongst friends too which makes it feel very special.  I decided to become manager as I enjoyed the meetings and felt that I could help the Chelmsford ladies to push their businesses forward even further with some encouragement. If you decide this might be for you, don’t be nervous, give it a try and I promise you won’t regret it.

Kate is an Independent Financial Adviser at BGA Financial Services who likes to help her clients save money and make the most of their finances by offering a  free and comprehensive financial review.