Helen Taylor

Orsett & Upminster Manager

Helen TaylorI have been attending the Biz’ee Women networking group since September 2016, where I was completely new to networking. I really love the friendly and professionally atmosphere. I have, and still am enjoying building the relationships as networking is an important part to grow your business. This has helped me to become much more confident and help my business grow. I took advantage of the Queen Bee Loyalty Programme for the year as it offered many benefits.

Because of this, I chose to become a manager for Orsett in January 2017 and later also became manager for Upminster too in May 2017.

I want to help other businesses that attend our meetings to grow and succeed too. I love seeing all our networking groups grow.


Helen’s core business is B-beautified. The products are amazing and always demonstrated by our very own #Crazymakeuplady Helen.