Helen Taylor

Younique & Makeup Artist

Helen can be found networking at ALL OUR LOCATION meet-ups.

Does your skin only want the best and to be naturally glowing?

I’m Helen from B-beatified, an Independent Younique Presenter. Also known as aka #crazymakeup lady, just look at my face.

Younique makeup and skincare products are completely mineral based, chemical free and doesn’t test on animals.

As our products are all mineral based, they will naturally enhance your beauty and much kinder to your skin. No chemicals to clog up your pores or enter your skin.

Do you want to know the colour of lipstick that actually suits your own skin tone? Or colour eyeshadow to use that suits the colour of your eyes?

I offer 1-2-1 consultations, so knowing your skin type and preparation is key for keeping your make-up in place all day long and getting the best out of your makeup and skincare products.

I offer try before you buy makeup bash, nice way to get a group of girlies over and even crack open a bottle or two in the comfort of your home. Or what about a virtual party from the comfort of your own home that you can even be in your pj’s? I do all the work and have fun and games whilst demonstrating products.

I’m wanting to get as many people to earn free products, but need your help too.

We offer a 14 day LOVE IT guarantee!

I want to uplift, empower and validate more women.

Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor

B-beautified - Independent Younique Presenter


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07977 446337