We are looking for business women to take the hot seat and take part in a live chat show with us.

The chat show will be in the form of an interview where I will ask the participant questions around their business to help listeners understand more about that they do and how they can help others who use their services. If preferred the interview can focus on one particular area which the participant wishes to focus on to showcase their knowledge and expertise.

Don’t worry, all participants will be contacted prior to the live to go through questions and be fully prepared. However, questions may appear on the live from any viewers.

The live will go out on Facebook and our YouTube channel.

Participants will be sent a link to join the live nearer to the time of their slot. No fancy technology or technical skills are required by the participant.

Each chat show is anticipated to last approximately 30 minutes.

The sessions are new and will be FREE of charge to take part in on the sole proviso that the participant shares a pre-provided post/message to their own followers/contacts in advance of their slot and after the session. This is to encourage as many people as possible to listen in and will boost visibility.
Should the participant not promote their own slot a small fee may be charged. Fairs fair 😉

So that we can ascertain the types of businesses who wish to take part and their availability please complete the below form. We will get back to everyone on a first come, first served basis. We will only able to do one session per week – so the quicker you get the form in the quicker it will happen.
We are taking a break over the summer so next availability will be from September.